You know something, Ohio? It’s not easy to break out of your comfort zone. People will tear you down, tell you you shouldn’t have bothered in the first place. But let me tell you something: there’s not much of a difference between a stadium full of cheering fans and an angry crowd screaming abuse at you. They’re both just making a lot of noise. How you take it is up to you. Convince yourself they’re cheering for you. You do that, and someday, they will.

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03/100 Pictures of Cory Monteith

02/100 Pictures of Cory Monteith


Endless amount of Cory Monteith pictures


Everyone has a gay cousin. If you don’t have a gay cousin, then you might be the gay cousin


Get To Know Me » 10 Celebrity Crushes (in no order): Cory Monteith

I think if you show up and you work hard and you’re straightforward, you can always create your own opportunities. I hope I’m right.


 I’m a huge supporter of things which annoy misogynistic rich white men

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"Monteith will be remembered, not as a James Dean-style rebel or rabble-rousing carouser and late-night party animal, nor will he be remembered as an unrepentant adolescent who refused to grow up. He will be remembered, both by those who knew him and by those who caught him fleetingly in Glee, as a genuinely warm, soft-spoken old soul who was always quick to ask about others before worrying about himself."

Alex Stratchan


i wont rest until ive complained about everything

Most to Least Sarcastic


  1. Aquarius
  2. Scorpio
  3. Gemini
  4. Capricorn
  5. Cancer
  6. Virgo
  7. Leo
  8. Pisces
  9. Taurus
  10. Sagittarius
  11. Aries
  12. Libra


"While I agree with your point, Josephine, capitalism is an unjust ideal and it won’t work anymore"

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